Take 5 Sound Baths

Anne Angelone, MSTCM, DACM, L.Ac.
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5 Sessions include Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Harmony.

Receive and steep in sound baths delivered directly to your inbox. Relax and meditate to the sounds of nature along Tibetan Singing Bowls, Hapi Drums, Koshi Chimes and other healing instruments for a 20-minute meditation on Sound.  

Sound baths are a great way to help yourself rebalance, and relax. The sound baths that I create introduce healing sounds from nature along with Tibetan Singing bowls that are soothing to both the nervous and immune system. As you relax and meditate on sounds- you’ll find it easy to release nagging thoughts and emotions and you may even notice tension and pains decrease dramatically just by being absorbed in the experience and allowing the sounds to soothe you

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Take 5 Sound Baths

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